Wall Street Never Occupied And Never Will!

It is now two years since a group of young people occupied areas in the Wall Street region in order to express their anger at bankers and stock brokers who had ruined the lives of millions in their quest for riches while, at the same time, never being punished for this abuse of fellow Americans. The Occupiers sang, marched, protested, and shouted their anger at those who possessed money and power. Cecily McMillan, was on her way to a party when she stopped by and joined the crowd. Somehow, during a struggle with police sent in to break up the demonstration, she accidentally swung her arm backwards and her elbow came in contact with a police officer. She rejected an offer to plead guilty and get no prison time since she regarded the incident as an honest mistake. A jury found her guilty and Judge Ronald Zweibel had her detained, thus rejecting bail. Supporters in the room shouted, “Shame, Shame.” She could wind up in jail.

Officer Choi Bovell, the injured policeman is furious at this criminal. “Our Founding Fathers did not create a right to free assembly so people could commit crimes and hide behind the right to protest.” I hate to inform Officer Bovell, but the Founding Fathers:

1. Used tar and feathers to attack British revenue collectors.
2. They threw stones at members of the British army.
3. At Lexington and Concord, they opened fire upon troops of the British army.

Oh, how many Wall Street criminals ever saw the inside of a court room??