Wall Street Never Punished

After several years of exploring ways to inflict some sort of punishment upon Wall Street managers and stockbrokers and shysters, the United States of America finally got to the heart of how those on Wall Street ruined the lives of millions, and most probably caused the death of untold thousands who could not cope with loss of their live savings. Oh, one Wall Street banker DID go to jail. But, the real culprit finally has been identified, and sent to prison. Her name is Cecily McMillan, age 25, and she was among the terrorists who savagely attacked our beloved Wall Street gangsters in the infamous Occupy Wall Street act of terrorism. She was in a crowd and threw her elbow back which resulted in hitting the eye of a police officer!

A judge sentenced this terrorist to three months in jail, five years probation and psychological testing. Of course, those who destroyed the lives and fortunes of millions do not require any psychological testing. We all know the nature of their illness–GREED, MONEY AND POWER!