Wall Street Protesters Can Help Job Issues

Protesters have been occupying areas around Wall Street for over a month and similar groups are camping out throughout America in order to express disgust at the disgusting behavior of greedy Wall Street financiers. Conservatives are shocked that people will dance and sing and shout anger toward those who are ‘job creators.” After all, Wall Street did create jobs for Americans like occupying Wall Street. OK, so these jobs do not  pay money, but they do keep people occupied  during the day.

It is time for those opposing Wall Street to recognize each and every American has a responsibility to ensure the financial leaders of our society continue to  enrich themselves in order to stimulate sales of yachts and large homes. In becoming wealthy they create jobs for those seeking employment as a nanny or taking care of lawns.

We suggest that wealthy Wall Street folk offer jobs to those camping out. For example, they could be paid to clean up the trash, fix broken toilet seats in nearby restaurants, and replant flowers. Or, if these creatures of anger want to really help our economy, they could seek employment by getting busy Wall Street managers their sandwiches and drinks.