Walmart For Higher Wages! Wow!

This may come as a shock to members of the Republican party, but the conservative anti-union Henry Ford had this quaint idea that if you paid your workers a decent wage they would be able to purchase the product they were producing. He introduced the $5 day for all workers which meant they now had the money to place a down payment on purchasing a Ford car. Walmart executives informed the media they are now sympathetic to having the minimum wage raised to $10 an hour as proposed by President Obama. The Congressional Budget Office claims this move would result in 600,000 thousand being able to escape poverty while overt 16,000,000 would have more money to spend on products.

Yes, Mr.Boehner, if Walmart employees earned more money they would actually be able to purchase goods from Walmart. Last Christmas some Walmart stores ran Xmas drives to gather money for their own employees who could not buy Xmas presents!