Walmart Number One Criminal??

Once again “liberals” are attempting to smear an American business with false statements and statistics. As we all know, Walmart represents what is best for America. If those who own shares in Walmart make money, they spend that money and thus millions of jobs are created. After all, who do you think purchases those yachts and diamonds? Secretaries and garbage collectors? A study written by one of those egghead College teachers, one SCott Wolfe who somehow persuaded the British Journal of Criminology to publish his article. According to his so called, “statistics,” if the Walmart Corporation builds a new store in a county, there would be 17 additional property crimes and two more violent crimes for every 10,000 people. But, no one asks what happens to crime rates if Walmart does NOT build a new store?

Diana Gee, speaking for the corporation spoke the truth: the study “fails to present the facts about how Walmart makes a positiver impact on communities.” Yeah, that is darn right. Without low paid Walmart workers who else but Walmart would run a campaign to donate food and clothes to its workers? Who else would force its workers to go on Food Stamps? Huh? Thank God for Walmart, the God of the poor in this country!!