Want A Uniform, Check China!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago when I was a little boy anything titled: “Made In America” was considered to be of high quality. After all, our workers had a reputation for efficiency as well as effectiveness. If something was “Made In Japan”or “Made In China” we knew it was a cheap rip off of a quality American made item. That was then, today is now. Republican businessmen will export any job that allows saving 1% of the cost because they have lost faith in the American worker.

Li Guilian of Dayang corporation is manufacturing the uniforms worn by American athletes at this year’s Olympic games. This item, on one hand, simply reflects the global market, on the other hand it reflects American business lack of faith in the American worker. Once upon a time we sent astronauts to the Moon, today they come from China.

What was the remark from Mitt Romney about Obama being the cause of our economic decline??