Want To Protest? Get A Permit!

Protests and rallies at the upcoming Olympic Games in China will have to obtain prior permission according to Chinese authorities. A group can protest provided it has informed authorities of its intention and is prepared to conduct the protest in an appropriate spot– far away from the Games, that is. Three parks have been set aside for those who have something on their mind they would like to express to the world. Chinese officials argue that Beijing has never held such a large-scale event and therefore issues of security are important. “The Olympic Games is a large-scale sports even that we’ve never experienced. With huge numbers of people coming to china, international terrorist forces are seeking chances. Therefore we have to intensify the security efforts,” noted Liu Shaowu, who is in charge of security.

In fairness to the Chinese government, there is no question their efforts at security are in line with prior Olympic Games. Hopefully, after the Games, the Chinese people will be accorded their right to protest– without securing permission!