War Again In Middle East?

Mitt Romney has come out strong for a more aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East. He blasted President Obama for ending too quickly the war in Iraq and leaving chaos in the departure. Of course, the Obama administration offered to maintain troops in Iraq on one condition–any American soldier accused of a crime would be tried under US military law and not under Iraq law. The government refused to accept the condition and Obama believed allowing Americans to be tried in a Muslim based court would anger the entire population of the United States. I wonder if Mitt would publicly tell people he will accept having US troops tried under sharia law!

Mitt also wants the US to take a more aggresive stance in Syria by arming rebels. Once again, Mitt displays his ignorance. It is very unclear as to who among rebel forces has the most power.  If we gave extensive arms  they might fall into the hands of al-Qaeda which, after the defeat of President Assad woul turn those arms against the US and Israel.

I believe in 2003 we allowed dissident forces to get access to vast amounts of weapons and they were used against American forces. Is this what Republicans want to occure–once more??