War Against Teachers

There is one subject on which liberals and conservatives in America agree- our school problems stem from the presence of incompetent teachers. If a student does poorly, blame it on the teacher. If a student misbehaves, blame it on the teacher. In the sixties, if anything went wrong, people blamed it on hippies and radicals, but today, we have discovered the real culprit in America–TEACHERS!

Are there incompetent teachers, Yes, there are poor teachers. Of course, if you want to focus on poor politicians, you have 500 in Washington D.C. The other day an exhausted teacher at a Brooklyn High School collapsed due to battle fatigue and wanted to shoot the kids. Of course, Wall Street folk who lie and steal money from Americans do not break down. They have Congress and the president ready to cater to their whims and complaints.

Michael Gove, Education Minister in England, has a slightly different take on teachers and students. He argues students these days insult and degrade teachers and protection is needed. A new bill will allow schools to file charges against students who engage in malicious slander of teachers. It will allow schools to search students for banned objects like cell phones. It will not assume the teacher is, by definition, wrong when students charge violence.

Let me be clear that 10% of teachers are incompetent, violent toward students and do not belong in the classroom. But, there are also 10% of doctors who do not belong in the field of medicine. Focus on incompetent teachers. Allow teachers the right to be creative rather than being compelled to force students into boring teast preparations.