There is a much more dangerous war going on in America and it is not against terrorists. It is the war against the poor and all too many allow themselves to support ideas by those who despise poor people. The Republican Party argues people are poor because they are lazy and blames”big government” for allowing this to occur. In the view of Republicans and Fox News if government ceased providing any financial support for poor people they would run to get any job and become happy and content.

Those who oppose “big government” are simply allies in the war against poor people. People are increasingly poor these days due to the shrinkage of the middle class. Fox News wants you to believe the middle class is declining because “government” gives their money to poor people. There are several solutions to poverty in America:

1. Establish a limit as to how much money one can make each year with anything over $5,000,000 going to the government.

2. Establish work programs like we had during the Depression. You will find millions seeking work.

3. Rebuild our national infrastructure.

4. Extend the  Social Security tax to ALL INCOME!

You could readily name ten other logical ideas which would help to decrease poverty.