War Against Women Continues!

The war against American women by the Republican Party continues unabated. A new law in the glorious state of Tennessee would  require a woman seeking an abortion to have the following information about her made public: name, age, residence, race, education level,  number of children, how many pregnancies did she have and the name and address of her doctor. This is outrageous, how can any sane person be a member of the Republican party?

In fairness, how about making public the following information about those who voted for this bill: name, home phone number, number of children and names, where they attend school, work place of spouse, number of times the person had sex that week with spouse, the number of times the person had sex that month with someone other than spouse, the number of times they jerk off–other than when in legislature, and, above all, the name of their minister, rabbi or other.

Failure to provide this information will result in a new frontal lobotomy.