War Around The Corner

It is simply a matter of time before Russian troops leap across the border and enter Ukraine in order to restore law and order to the embattled country. After all, who other than Vladimir Putin supports human rights and will not tolerate disorder close to his borders. Fighting in eastern sections of the Ukraine increase in ferocity each day. Most probably fewer than a hundred have died as Russian backed separatists clash with the Ukraine government. A major problem is the presence within eastern regions of a high percent of people who actually believe becoming part of Russia will be a glorious experience. Mixed in with these confused folk are Russian troops who possess military experience and can readily handle most ill trained Ukrainian forces.

Vladimir Putin has proposed negotiations in which separatists sit on an equal level in discussions with government officials. I assume Vladimir will extend similar rights to gays and dissidents within Russia. Putin wants an excuse. He will find an excuse. He will then pose as the only one ready to create a peaceful Ukraine.

The mystery of the hour is exactly what are the policies in the Ukraine of President Obama and the European Union.