War Baton Passed To Obama

George Bush can sleep peacefully these days since the wars he began are still going on, but now responsibility of solving them is in another’s hands. Fortunately, for Bush and the Republican party the disastrous wars they began are now the responsibility of Barack Obama. Unfortunately, for the president, there is no possibility that he can “win” either the Afghanistan or Iraq war, but he certainly can received the onus of defeat if American soldiers leave Afghanistan and the Taliban comes to power. The Republican party demands action-now to deal with the Afghan war although they were in charge of the conduct of that conflict for eight long years. It was on the watch of Republican George Bush that the Taliban regained power in many parts of Afghanistan and terrorism has risen. Some Republican pundits talk about “too little, too late.” Sorry guys, but you were in charge for eight years and apparently never had any interest in immediate action.

It is the “Obama War” and will remain so for many years. This war will not conclude with a bang, nor a whimper, it will simply take on another image and go on and on for years until everyone is sick and tired of hearing about it. Once again, Barack Obama has been afraid to make the tough call for peace just as he refuses to make the tough call for–Jobs!