War Crimes Are War Crimes

During World War II over forty million people were murdered or died in combat.   People died under any and all circumstances. Nazi Germany introduced the concept in Europe of bombing cities and killing innocent civilians. They began a process that simply escalated as the war continued. The Russian government is pushing for a law that makes it a criminal offense to state that members of Allied forces engaged in criminal acts during the war. It makes it a crime to “justify Nazism.” Strange law since this same government sends young thugs who glory in the  wonder of Adolf Hitler to attack those opposing the Putin regime. The law would make it a crime to deny the success of the Allied coalition or to deny that the Soviet Red Army maintained peace and security.

Germany murdered over thirty million innocent people. That is a fact. That not only includes six million Jews but at least three million captured Russian soldiers. It is also a fact that due to the  savageness of German troops when the Red Army hit Germany they raped at least two million women. Such is war. American and English bombers killed over 500,00 German civilians. Once a nation proceeds on the road to war, it should not be surprised at the outcome. Unleash the fury of war and the innocent suffer.