War Criminal Sudan President Bashir At Meeting

An eagerly awaited Turkish-African summit meeting is being overshadowed by the presence of Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir who has led his government’s genocidal policies against the people of Darfur. The International Criminal Court(ICC) Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno, has asked the court to issue an arrest warrant for Bashr on charges of genocide, war crimes an crimes against humanity. This is his first trip outside Sudan since issuance of the warrant and believers in human rights would like it served on the war criminal. The Turkish Foreign Ministry insisted “Bashir was invited to the summit as a leader of an African country and there is no arrest warrant against him at this moment.” Turkey has never accepted the ICC but is under pressure from the EU to join.

Perhaps, one day the rule of law will be prevalent throughout the world and gangsters like Bashir will not have opportunities to wander around enjoying visits to foreign lands. It is a sad day when a criminal like Bashir is allowed anywhere in the world.