War Discussions

I am glad to learn that John Boehner wants to join with the president and initiate bombing some place in the world. I assume if there is anyone in America who understands the process of bombing and war it is Mr. Boehner. This man is an expert in fighting for things that can never be attained. After all, he has led 37 campaigns to end the thing known as Obamacare and he is still determined to get rid of this horrible law that seeks to provide people with health insurance. So, who is better at leading the fight against Bashar al-Assad? John is a determined man and he will stay in the battle until he is completely defeated. Frankly, I am somewhat confused that John is against Bashar. Bashar is against ordinary people, Bashar is for the military and just about all of his friends are wealthy folk.

Upon reflection, the Tea Party would be more comfortable with a good solid man like Bashar than some black dude from Africa. How about the Republican party agreeing to aid President Assad in exchange for his support in defeating the Affordable Care Act. Bomb the White House and destroy the Number One tyrant in this world-Barack Obama and his Gestapo world of forced health care! Turn the missiles around and aim at the White House. John, please be our savior. Just remember, the 55th time voting against Obama care might be the winning number!