War Heats Up In Sudan Region

During the past several years the government of Sudan has employed deadly force in Darfur which has led to the death of over 200,000 people and the displacement of over a million. It has encouraged rebel forces to invade neighboring Chad in an effort to overthrow its government. Several days ago, rebels, undoubtedly supported by the Chad government, launched an attack on Khartoum which resulted in some fighting and the death of hundreds of rebels. The Sudan government now regards itself as a victim and had cut ties with Chad and promised retaliation. “These forces came from Chad,” said President Omar el-Beshir. “Therefore, we hold the Chaidan regime fully rsponsible for what happened and maintain our right to respond to this crumbling regime which does not represent the will of the Chadian people.”

The government of Chad denies any involvement in the attack but the Sudan government insists Chad has been supporting the rebel Justice and Equality Movement(JEM) which is a major source of opposition to the government of Sudan. As the two opposing forces geared up for further violence, innocent residents of Darfur braced for additional violence to erupt against them. It apears regardless of the pretext for violence, Darfurians wind up the victims.