War In Army Headquarters

There is a war being fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, but there are also wars being fought at army headquarters, where wives of officers exert their influence over combat decisions. Colonel Brian Drinkwine is confronting charges by officers under his command that his wive, Leslie, has been asserting her power in order to influence what goes on in his command. Lt. Colonel Frank Jeno, while talking with Mrs. Drinkwine, was heard to shout, “go ahead, get me fired.” Unfortunately, the colonel wound up getting relieved of his command while in combat. Lt. Colonel david Odander, complained that Leslie was also interfering in his ability to command troops.

According to Colonel Drinkwine, the entire problem is caused by the “inability of a few ladies to work professionally with one another.” However, an investigation has already confirmed that the colonel’s wife has created a “negative, divisive, and harmful” environment.

Perhaps, the solution is to send Mrs. Drinkwine to the Taliban and allow her to create a similar environment. Or, she could get a few Taliban leaders fired. Barack, use this secret weapon.