War In South Ossetia But Each Side Claims On Defense

There is a war being waged in South Ossetia between Russian and Georgian troops and each side claims the other is the aggressor. South Ossetia is a former region of Georgia that broke away and has been under protection of Russia but the Georgian government has refused to recognize their independence. Last week Georgian troops entered the breakaway region and were soon confronted by the full force of Russian troops. Russian jets have attacked Georgian cities and the Russian navy is now off the coast off Georgia. Tskhinvail, the capital of South Ossetia has most probably been demolished and hundreds of people re dead. Russian air strikes have also caused thousands of casualties.

The world is witnessing another outfall of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union forced many disparate ethnic groups to live in peace with one another, but one the forced union ended in divorce, these ethnic groups are attempting to resurrect their identities and past history.

Perhaps, it is time for NATO and the Russian government to deal with issues of uncertainty on the part of both entities. One step might be halting construction of missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic.