War Is Always Last Resort

There are voices for war in Israel and there are voices for war against Iran in the United States. Undoubtedly, those voices have seen too many motion pictures in which the facilities of the bad guy get blown up and American soldiers happily depart on their helicopters. No film ever depicts what occurs AFTER the facilities are blown up. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned people with such attitudes that blowing up Iran’s nuclear facilities also posed dangers.

“You’ve got to be careful of unintended consequences here. And, those consequences could involve not only not deterring Iran from what they want to do, but more importantly it could have a serious impact in the region and it could have a serious impact on US forces in the region.” US planes participate in attacks on Iranian nuclear centers. Within the coming days after that event, missiles are directed at Israel and suicide bombers kill American soldiers.

Of course, those unintended consequences could go on for years and years.