A controversial new documentary dealing with Danish soldiers fighting in Afghanistan has raised questions as to whether the soldiers were acting in accordance with international law while engaged in combat. In one scene shown in “Amadillo,” Danish soldiers are seen throwing hand grenades into a nearby Taliban installation and then descend on the insurgent troops and blast away until all are dead. Chief of Danish Defense, Knud Bartels, has requested an investigation in order to determine if this behavior was in violation of international war conventions. Henrik Sommer, who heads Danish operations in Afghanistan, responded; “Afghanistan is crazy and a complicated place and I am not a military expert. So, I don’t want to make any comments on it for political debate” and went on to argue for more effort on economic assistance in the country.

The ten part series in America entitled, “Pacific” depicts US Marines fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. The brutality of the fighting led to killing prisoners on both sides, both sides killing civilians and even use of flame throwers when Japanese troops refused to surrender while hidden in caves. War stinks. Why? Because it dehumanizes decent individuals.