War Of Media Instead Of War Of Missiles

It increasingly becomes clear that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu performed a brilliant military tactic by storming Turkish ships and transforming world opinion against his nation. Abu Radwan, a militant in the Gaza Strip, admitted the Netanyahu ploy had altered the violent policies of Hamas and transformed that organization into a party of peace lovers. “After the attack on the Mavi Marara, we are now trying to fight Israel with the media instead of with missiles. We wanted the world to perceive the people of Gaza as victims.” Thanks to the great benefactor of Hamas, Bibi Netanyahu, the goal has been achieved. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who has been a consistent ally and supporter of Israel is now questioning the action of the Netanyahu government. Der Zeit, an influential newspaper which ordinarily is supportive of Israel wrote that Israel is a “country that is increasingly acting as if it were in a separate moral world, pressured by the feeling of being alone, believing itself to be empowered to commit arbitrary attacks.”

Dani Ayalon, is a ferocious supporter of his nation and consistently taken a tough stand on negotiations with Palestinians. In a recent interview, he sighed and told a reporter, “perhaps, it was a mistake to storm the ships.”

Oh, in response to Prime Minister’s claim that allowing the ships to pass through the blockade would result in an end to the blockade, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, allowed ships to pass through the blockade.