War Of Threats Escalates In Korea

OK, so you thought the Israel-Palestinian conflict was a serious threat to world peace, so you thought idiot President Mugabe in Zimbabwe was the world’s leading nut case, so you spend nights worrying about Osama bin Laden and possible terrorist attacks, sorry, I would take any of the previous instead of having to deal with men of passion and ignorance in North Korea. First, North Korea shells South Korean military installations and then it becomes furious when those pesky South Koreans get upset. So, when in doubt, the typical North Korean response is to escalate the war of words. If someone threatens them, they have words of such dire fear you will shake in your boots. North Korean Defense leader, Kim Yong Chou warned his brothers to the south and the United States that if they did not cease conducting military exercises he would exercise them off planet earth. He made known his nation was prepared to “launch a sacred war” which would result in atomic bombs blasting South Korea and wiping out what is presently known as the United States of America.

OK, so he inhabits a world in which reality as to what is happening on the rest of the planet has yet to become common knowledge. His nation has about 1-6 nuclear weapons and it is threatening a nation with hundreds of atomic bombs. The problem is if ignorance is bliss, Kim and his buddies will sleep for eternity in ignorance.