War Of Words Continues In Georgia

The fragile peace that now reigns in Georgia raises hopes the shooting phase of the war between Russia and Georgia may finally have ended after six days of intensive fighting. President Medvedev of Russia proclaimed: “the aim of the operation has been achieved. The aggressor has been punished and has suffered considerable losses.” He termed President Saakashvili to be a “lunatic” and continued the tough talking begun by Prime MInister Putin during the conflict by adding, the difference between lunatics and other people is that when they smell blood it is very difficult to stop them. So, you have to use surgery.” Although the Russian leader claimed fighting had halted, the president of Georgia was saying, “As I speak now, Russian tanks are attacking Gori.” However, a witness in Gori told Reuters news agency he saw no Russian tanks in Gori.

The entire episode of fighting and killing can be blamed on failure of both sides to place their confidence in diplomatic strategies of resolving conflict. President Saakashvili initiated fighting on the assumption, his nation could simply enter South Ossetia and never encounter Russian forces. In a sense, his confusion and mistakes are similar to those of his good friend, George Bush who entered Iraq with an assumption it would be a quick victory. In both cases myopic thinking resulted in the death of thousands.

Russia has shown the West it once again has a strong military force that is capable of action. Perhaps, the time has come to end provocative acts such as building missile bases on the border of Russia.