War Of Words Or War Of Guns With Iran?

The legacy of George Bush will extend into the coming decade and nowhere is this more evident than the situation between Western powers and Iran. In 2001 and 2002 there was an opportunity for America to establish close ties with the reform Iran government of President Khatami but Bush blew the opportunity by blasting Iran as part of the “axis of Evil.” Today, a crazy man heads Iran and Ahmadinejad is threatening missile strikes if anyone intrudes on the sovereignty of his nation. On Friday, Iran flaunted its power by firing advanced long-range missiles capable of hitting Israel.

Ahmadinejad is out to prove he is tough. He is a bully. Some European nations argue an embargo of refined oil will hurt the Iranian population. This is not a reason to hold back, the Iranian population without any embargo is being hurt and its liberties ripped apart by a man who wants power. Short term suffering is well worth the opportunity to compel Iranian leaders to come to the bargaining table. This is not the time to lack courage to focus on long term interests of the Iranian people.