War On Poverty

There is a war raging in the United States of America. Years ago, President Lyndon Johnson waged a War on Poverty, whose goal was to reduce poverty in America. Today, the Republican party and its Tea Party folk are waging a war on poverty. Its goal is to INCREASE POVERTY. The English newspaper, Guardian, has come across plans by dozens of conservative groups in America to organize campaigns at the local level that would reduce healthcare access, reduce the wages of public employees, reduce pensions, oppose any increases in Medicaid, and prevent reduction in greenhouse emissions. Instead of fighting at the national level, these conservative groups seek to use the greater power of money at the local level which can more readily pay off state legislators and get such legislation passed.

The ironic aspect of modern America is the slogan, “War on Poverty” has been transformed into a War on the Poor. It always amazes me why those with wealth possess such anger at those without. Ending Food Stamps means children will do with less nutritious food, it will mean people go to bed at night with hungry stomachs. Reducing money for the elderly might result in failure to obtain needed drugs. How can people claiming to be “Christians” believe or act in such a manner. This has always been the mystery of my life. Did Christ come to engender hate and disregard for those who are poor? Why are they so angry at those who are poor?