War On Teachers Leads To Stress

There is a war going on in many parts of western civilization and the enemy is the Teacher. Cuts in education expenditures result in more students within a classroom including a projected 60 in Detroit class sizes. A recent study in New South Wales in Australia, has produced evidence of growing stress among teachers including hundreds now applying for psychiatric assistance. Historically, students always dealt with problems students brought to school from their homes, but these days as unemployment rises, students are bringing in stress from frightened parents and changes in family ways of life. Teachers are compelled to meet “standards” imposed by bureaucrats who regard the purpose of being educated as the ability to feed back what was taught. Teachers are being fired by the thousands, not due to inept teaching but stemming from inept political leaders.

Thousands of dedicated young teachers will work their butts off only to be fired due to lack of money. Politicians are increasingly in charge of what is considered to be the goals of education, and to them it must be numbers.