War Over Words In Pakistan

I am not an expert on the laws of Islam, nor for that matter, am I an expert on any religious laws, but in my heart is the conviction if there is a God, that entity seeks peace and justice for all humans. Aasia Bibi, an illiterate woman of 45 worked as a farmhand in rural Pakistan. She was getting water for some of the farmhands when several claimed she insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Ms. Bibi, is a mother and a Christian in a land which mainly is of the Muslim religion. She was charged under the nation’s blasphemy law, tried and convicted, and then sentenced to death. Although some clerics have denounced the blasphemy laws, Babar Awan, of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party made clear he opposes any change in the law. Hundreds of Islamist idiots are in the streets demanding death to this woman. It is quite clear the case has aroused both moderate and fundamentalist Muslims as to what type of society they intend to create in Pakistan.

The government is attempting to void the death sentence. We believe Ms. Bibi is a pawn caught in a conflict with those defending all that is in violation of the Muslim religion and those who want modern Islam to be consistent with ancient Islam.