War Protestors Gather In St. Petersburg

It was not a huge crowd of angry people protesting Russia’s war in South Ossetia and Gerogia but the fact there were any people in the streets of St. Petersburg uttering words of criticism against their government was a dramatic step forward for Russia. The Russian people, much like Americans, have been subjected to government encouraged biased views concerning what is happening in the Caucasus. One of the protestors held up a sign saying, “We Need Informaton. Not Propaganda.” The demonstration was organized by the youth wing of the democratic party, Yabloko. The group made clear it would “refrain from apportioning blame about who it was that started the war.” They simply wanted to express their dislike of any form of fighting regardless of who initiated the war.

Naturally, in Putin Russia, police filmed those who spoke of peace. As one of the signs noted so eloquently: “We Are With Those Who Are Being Killed Not with Those Who are Killing.”