War Upon Wealthy In France

There are wars in all parts of the world whether one looks at the Middle East or Africa or the hills of Afghanistan, but no war entails the brutality and horror of that which is being waged in France upon the innocent people who happen to make lots of money. French President Francois Hollande is a noted SOCIALIST! And, what do SOCIALISTS do other than spending their days and nights thinking about schemes to take away the money of those who are JOB CREATORS? They impose high taxes upon the wealthy children of God! Hollande has pushed through a new tax plan that imposes a 75% tax rate on income over a million dollars. Oh my God! Think of the newly impoverished athletes who might be forced to live on a million a year! I suspect they will refuse to play at their top level of ability since they can not keep everything they were promised.

A bit of reality:

1. During World War II in the United States of America the top rate was 90%.

2. From 1945 until the 1970s the top rate in America was 70%. Believe it or not those were boom years for the middle class and for job creation.

3. Never underestimate the ability of wealthy folk to hire tax specialists who ensure they never pay more than 20%.

4. Just remember that Mitt Romney admitted to paying at a 17% tax rate!