War Without Ammo!

Syrian tanks rumble through the streets of Damascus and Aleppo. Syrian artillery blasts away in Damascus and Aleppo, sometimes firing day and night. Militants hover in buildings, they conduct hit-and-run raids and, all too often, run out of ammunition during the fighting. The “war”has been going on for nearly a year and a half with increasing death, but with scant hope of peace. An estimated 5,000 people have died during fighting this month, but there is no hope for peace. Rebels complain that deserting Syrian soldiers and officers head for Turkey, but never return to fight. Perhaps, they recognize fighting will not end during the coming months so why die.

We are confused at lack of support for rebels on the part of Middle Eastern Muslims. 5,000 dead and no marches for peace in any major city. 5,000 dead and no imams demanding peace. 5,000 dead and no men shouting hatred about Bashar al-Assad.

I guess if President Assad would print a cartoon that some claim insults God, the crowds would rush into cities. For some reason, killing thousands of innocent Muslims does not insult God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimmie.c.boswell Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    hey the muslems countries, are going to pay for their crimes against G-D too. G-D’S Patience with idolitors of other g-ds, is coming to an end. for this is, the near end of the sixth day, here in TheTorah just again. and i have yet to find, an innocent person here in TheTorah again yet. no different than the last two times, here in the very same old story again. for G-D is soon to take TheDay of Rest. and place adam and his mate in charge of TheWhole Torah again for the final day here in IT.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky


    Gee, I thought it was impossible for God to hate anyone or anything.