Warning: Killing Maids Can Lead To Punishment

Slavery is often described as something that occurred in the past, but during the past decades thousands of poor Asian immigrants have obtained jobs as maids and servants under conditions that virtually reduce their lives to that of slaves. A Malaysian court sentenced a m an to death for murdering his Indonesian maid in a landmark verdict which, hopefully, will send shock waves to those who daily abuse their servants. Muntik Bani was killed last October by her employer, A. Murugan, who best, starved and locked the woman in a bathroom. He supposedly became angry because she was “slow”in carrying out his wishes, and where he comes from that means as the employer I have the right to beat the hell out of someone who works for me. Ironically, Bani’s death came several months after Indonesia ceased allowing maids to go to Malaysia due to constant reports of abuse.

But, Malaysia is only one country, similar abuse is rampant in Arab nations throughout the Middle East. It is time for a United Nations investigation that will make public how those with wealth abuse those without.