WARNING-This Blog Requires Thinking!

Colleges in the United States of America are confronting a new civil liberties issue. Apparently, professors are asking students to read material that some might deem “inappropriate” for the young mind. The issue of concern is the presence in our society of books and articles that employ words such as: Nigger or Kike or Sambo or Wop or Mick, words associated in my childhood with how those with prejudice referred to minorities. Of course, great novelists in writing books referred to these expressions in order to emphasize how minorities were treated in the good old days. Today, the Thought Police want college professors when making assignments to issue: “Trigger Warnings” that students might encounter “bad words” or references that might be upsetting.

I find it amazing that any teacher or any professor in any educational institution in this nation would seek to censor words. I was in the US Army during the Korean War and encountered expressions such as: nike,sheen, Hebe by those who lacked knowledge about Jews. One girl once wanted to feel my head when I blurted out that I was Jewish. She wanted to feel the horns that she believed were worn by Jews. Learn the truth. Study all views, even those from people you despise. That is the essence of the free mind. Modern youth do not need mental protection from reality. The search for truth is along a long twisting road, only the individual can proceed along this path to knowledge.