Warrents Gone Crazy

There is scant doubt during the past decades that Israel has engaged in actions which violate the human rights of Palestinians. There is  scant doubt that during the past decades that Palestinians have engaged in actions which violate the human rights of Israelis. It is not a question of both being “wrong,” but a recognition of the complexity confronting those in government positions in both groups. There is not perfect world in the Middle East, and even the best leaders have made terrible human rights violations.

Former Israel foreign minister, Tzip Livni has been part of an Israel government which has blundered and violated human rights. But, she has also been among the minority of Israel leaders seeking to work for a just peace with Palestinians. A British court issued a warrant for her arrest for violation of human rights. UK Foreign Secretary William Hague made clear she was welcome in England and would not face prosecution.

The current president of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas, as a young man engaged in murder of innocent Israelis. President Abbas is respected for what he currently seeks to accomplish, and his past must remain the past.