Was God Angry At America?

I inhabit a world in which whatever happens in life is caused by an old man up in the sky. Christian Americans are in daily contact with God although my attempts to call only result in a busy signal. I think this might be the result of God being an anti-Semite. The recent arrival of Hurricane Sandy was greeted by Christian clerics who hate Barack Obama as a sign the old man up there is a Republican who does not want black Muslims who were born in Africa to lead the American nation. For  some ironic reason they appear to agree with their Muslim buddies over in the Middle East.

Egyptian hard  line cleric, Wagdi Ghoneim explained the appearance of Sandy. “In my opinion it is revenge from God for the beloved prophet. I assume he means the recent film by an idiot in America which blasts the prophet. Another Muslim critic referred to Sandy as a “divine wind which was sent to destroy the infidels in New York City and elsewhere.

First, God tells we Jews to get out of Egypt. Then God sends Jews to the desert and makes certain we bypass oil places,and now God is mad at Americans for being Christian infidels. I wish God would make up his mind. At least I can thank God that Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin have his ear. So, girls, how come for the divine wind?