Was Honors Honored?

It is still unclear if the Navy knew about the now infamous videos made by Owen Honors who served as second in command of the aircraft carrier, Enterprise or whether the antics of a top officer were simply ignored. The Navy now insists top brass learned about the videos and then dealt with the matter. If Honors was reprimanded in writing, then how was he subsequently given command of a ship? The only thing everyone agreed occurred is the second in command of a major naval vessel spent his time pretending to eat shit or film men and women taking showers together. Frankly, we are not offended, even by the slurs against gays, but we are offended that a man lacking any sense of humor was allowed to be in charge of anything. The Owen Honors show is an insult to anyone who believes he/she has a sense of humor. After all, the scene of him pretending to eat shit is among the oldest pieces of humor known to comedians.

We believe Owen Honors should be disciplined and reduced in rank for displaying a poor sense of humor. It is clear this man lacks any sense of creating some new pieces of humor. How then can he command a naval ship that might be going into action?