Was Osama Dead Before The Bullets Came?

Osama bin Laden is dead from American bullets which blasted his head and left him sprawled on the floor of his bedroom. As American SEALS entered his room, a wife was grabbed by the hero of millions and thrust before him in order to deflect bullets from sending him to death. He is dead, and the issue, regardless of what conspiracy theorists seek to proclaim is not whether US forces are his killers or whether he was dead long before they entered his room. His agents send 2,900 American citizens to their graves on 9/11, but since that eventful day, there has not been an al-Qaeda attack anywhere on US soil. His forces are basically crushed in Iraq, and the Taliban, not al-Qaeda fights on in Afghanistan. The British writer, Robert Fisk, notes that for a long time Osama bin Laden “has become a nonentity.” He has lived on for the past decade more in myth than in reality.

What did Osama bin Laden think for the past several months as young men and women forced the rulers of Egypt and Tunisia and even Syria to cower in fear. It was Osama who once boasted that his forces would end the rule of these evil men, but not a single word came from his lips as other Muslim groups changed the Middle East. The western world has spent the past decade living in fear about a man who never had the capacity to do anything other than a surprise attack. Once that was no longer possible, he lived in his mansion, sent an occasional tape, and lived the life of a retired executive of hate. Perhaps, Osama bin Laden finally realized it was youth, not warriors who ended petty tyrants. Osama, ye tarried too long, begone..