Was Portugal Involved In US Rendition Program?

Neither the American people nor the world has yet to discover the extent of George Bush’s violation of fundamental human rights and, perhaps, we may never completely learn the facts of how he entered into a vast program of torturing people under the so-called Rendition program. The Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that Portugal was among several nations that was used by the CIA for the notorious program. Earlier this year, the British human rights group, Reprieve, charged the United States could not have illegally transported terrorist suspects between 2002 to 2006 without the assistance of Portugal. However, the Portuguese government denies there are any documents in its possession which prove the allegations.

Reprieve has documented that on at least 94 occasions planes crossed Portuguese airspace en route from Guantanamo Bay to destinations unknown. Portuguese Prime Minister Socrates insists his government was never consulted by American authorities on any program of flying across is nation’s airspace with men being in the Rendition program. The American people and the world will have to wait until an American government conducts an intensive investigation into the horror of what Bush terms, Rendition.