Was The Iraq Invasion Worth It?

Gwynne Dwyer, writing in the Jordan Times asks the basic question about the invasion of Iraq: “So, was i tall worthwhile in the end? That is a different question, because the implicit comparison is between the future of the country as it is now and the conditions that reigned five years ago when Saddam Hussein was still in charge. Even that comparison yields an ambiguous answer for Saddam’s Iraq was a secular society where pepple were safe unless they trespassed into politics, and women enjoyed an unusual degree of personal freedom. But it is also the wrong comparison…”

“Saddam was only executed a year ago, so he probably would still be in power today if the United States had not invaded Iraq, but he was not going to live forever. It’s not possible to know what would have followed him had he stayed in power and died a natural death, but would it have involved hundreds of thousands of Iraqis tortured, shot or blown up? Would it have led to the permanent alienation of Sunnis and Shiites? Probably not.”

Dyer believes “Saddam posed no serious threat to his neighbors, as his army was largely destroyed in the first Gulf War of 1991, and never rebuilt(due to sanctions). He posed no danger at all to the United States, since he had absolutely nothing to do with Al Qaeda(as was confirmed by a recently released Pentagon study of more than 600,000 Iraqi documents captured after the US invasion).”

“The real question is what will Iraq be like 20 years from now, and what would it have been like in 20 years if the United States had not invaded. But it can never be answered, because that alternative future was cancelled by the invasion.”