Was There Really A Mumbai Attack??

The government of Pakistan received a dossier from India concerning the attack on Mumbai which presented data linking the attackers to Pakistan government agencies, but Prime Minister Gilani insists he only received “information because there is no evidence.” He promised to investigate the “information” in hope of finding some “evidence” that people from Mars were behind the attack. Ironically, the Pakistan received support from British Foreign Secretary David Miliband who insisted the Mumbai attacked had no link to any Pakistan government agency. “I have said publicly, I don’t believe the attacks were directed by(the) Pakistani state.” He also noted “there is a history of people being arrested and then not being prosecuted or brought to justice.”

Where is Miliband living? One of the Mumbai attackers was caught in the act of conducting terrorism and is on video tape involved in killing people. It is all well and good to lend support to the Pakistan government, but who doesn’t know the ISI helped create the Taliban and has been working with terrorist organizations for decades? I gather the British Foreign Secretary is either among the most ignorant individuals in government or a man who will lie for some reason of foreign policy needs.

Psst, Mr. Miliband, I have it on the highest authority the attackers at Mumbai were a special unit dispatched by the government of the planet of Mars to frighten Earthians.

  • Rahul

    Its very horrifing that statesman like MR. Miliband are giving such comments.
    More than 150 innocent people have lost their life in this cowardly act.