Washington Post Blasted for Ignoring Human Rights

The famous liberal newspaper, the Washington Post, was criticized by the Colombia Journal for buying into the Bush view that under right wing President Uribe, everything is wonderful in Colombia. The Washington Post ridiculed a report by Human Rights which described Colombia as representing “the worst human rights and humanitarian crisis in the Western Hemisphere.” The Post felt Cuba should rank first in this category.

We in America have a tendency to compare any Latin American nation with Cuba. If the nation is not as dictatorial as Cuba, then it is a democratic society. Uribe was closely associated with right wing terrorist groups before becoming president. He has made slight progress in disbanding a few of those terrorist groups, but last year as he disbanded some, 43 new right wing groups were formed in Colombia. Last year 72 union leaders who protested selling off assets to multinational corporations were murdered as well as 5 Awa leaders. Over 1700 Awa indigenous people were forced off their land. The latest count indicates about 3 million people in Colombia have been displaced as Uribe welcomes international corporations to exploit his nation’s resources.

I assure one and all if Uribe announced tomorrow a conversion to communism, the Washington Post would be blasting him for being dictatorial. Please do not misunderstand my anger, I realize Castro is a dictator who has an abysmal record on human and sexual rights, but his failures do not excuse the failures of other leaders who happen to buddy up to George Bush. Shame on the Washington Post.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    You can say that again!