Wasted Obama Words Of Wisdom

President Obama is expected today to once again offer some intelligent words of wisdom to the stubborn leaders of Israel who prefer sticking their hands in the sand to gazing upward at new opportunities for peace in the Middle East. Obama has dusted off the Bill Clinton peace plan of 2001 which gave Palestinians 90% of what they desired and gave Israel peace and security for the first time in its short history as a nation. The president will propose a shared Jerusalem, Israel retention of about 5% of the West Bank, and PEACE FOR ISRAEL. An Israel government spokesperson already has informed the media, “texts emanating from Obama’s surroundings are extremely unpleasant to Israeli ears, and will be primarily disturbing to Netanyahu.” Israel’s prime minister yesterday outlined his plan which does agree with the basic Obama idea for the West Bank, but insists Jerusalem is 100% Israeli. He went on to proclaim “the root of the conflict is not the absence of a Palestinian state but the Palestinian opposition to the establishment of the state of Israel.”

Hogwash! No Palestinian government can recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” since 205 of its inhabitants are Arabs. No nation in the world insists other societies recognize its religious majority as the “state.” Benjamin Netanyahu plays to the religious right bigots in Israel and has isolated Israel from the international community by his pig headed attitude toward compromise.