Watch Them Muslims With Missiles!

I am glad there are men like Reinhard Werner in the world because their presence enables me to sleep soundly at night. Mr. Werner has taken upon himself the task of keeping tabs on what happens inside mosques in Germany. On a typical Friday afternoon, the guy off to the right under the lamppost wearing nondescript clothes is our faithful guardian, Mr. Werner. He points to the sign over the entrance to the mosque which has the letters, “DITIB” printed, the acronym for the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs. Mr. Werner will inform one and all, “do you see that the letter “I” in DITIB resembles a minaret? And, that the minarets look like missiles?” Reinhard is a member of the “Anonymous Mosque Observers,” which originally was formed by Muslims who disagree with prevailing rules of the religion. He has made it a purpose in his life to keep tabs on anyone going into a mosque.

Mr. Werner taught secondary school for thirty years and often had Muslim students in his classes who were hostile to the West. This got him thinking and worrying about these Muslim folk. Werner now visits nine mosques and reports what he sees to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Sometimes, he slips into the mosque in order to observe what is happening inside. Recently, he was halted by a young man who inquired if he was the notorious Mr. Werner and when he nodded a “yes,” was told to depart.

We were able to secure a copy of the report he recently submitted to Federal authorities:

“I observed three men sipping tea who whispered even though there was no need to whisper. We need technology to pick up these whispers.”

“Two men bent low while praying and I believe they were attempting to share information concerning our military efforts in Afghanistan.”

“An imam told those praying they should speak German if they see Germans close at hand in order to prevent them from knowing how we are preparing for the Ramadan festival.”

I just send a communication to Mr. Werner asking him to take pictures of minarets. If you spell the word backwards it comes out: steranim. The word steranim in the Aztec language is signal to kill the enemy.