Watch Them-They’re Only Muslims!

We all know that Muslims living in England or Iran or anywhere are suspicious characters who must be kept under watch because there is no telling what kind of mischief they are up to. A secret police operation in Birmingham, England, was designed to place thousands of Muslims living in the community under surveillance. The operation was put into action without any oversight or concern about that nasty thing called –the law! The $6 million operation was conducted with full knowledge of the Home Office in London. The network of CCTV and automatic number plate reading(ANPR)cameras, which were weeks away from being switched on, were intended to monitor people entering and leaving predominantly Muslim suburbs. Sarah Thornton, a chief constable, said the purpose of the cameras was removed from paper work in order to ensure no one knew what the heck was going on. Instead, the police said cameras were being installed for local police activities.

As of this date, no one has been punished, no one has been suspended, no one has been reprimanded. The lie was police were cracking down on crime, the truth was the police were targeting innocent people whose religion was Muslim.