Watch Your Emissions When Emitting About Emissions

Norway held an international conference of experts on global warming in the Arctic city of Tromso. The meeting noted a rapid melting of ice in Greenland which has led to doubling the amount of glacier area that has melted in the past few years. The group expressed fear of the consequences when large amounts of fresh water hit the Gulf Stream.

Ironically, in order to transport this rather large group of experts to the far northern city of Tromso it was necessary to utilize extensive transport. One wonders if exhaust emissions required to get the people to Tromso so they could discuss exhaust emissions was worth the cost of exhaust emissions on the geography of this Arctic region. I’m against global warming, I just don’t want to do more global warming to halt global warming.
Aftenposten. June 4, 2007 Climate Experts Sound New Alarms in Tromso”