Watchful Waiting In Zimbabwe

The High Court in Zimbabwe was expected today to rule on whether to announce returns of the election that was held two weeks ago. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change which undoubtedly won the election is expected to call for a general strike on Tuesday if the results are not released by that point. Experts agree on one point–there is scant likelihood the Election Commission will report the actual figures if they do announce them to the public. The major problem facing the people of Zimbabwe is failure on the part of African leaders such as President Mbeki of South Africa to take action in defense of democracy in their nation. The African Summit meeting this past weekend produced nothing tangible in the way of aiding Zimbabweans other than mouth a few platitudes of concern.

Africa must speak out in the name of freedom for fellow Africans or tell the world the fight for independence on the continent was really one in which those who took part in the struggle had carte blanche to oppress the people whose freedom was won. Cry the beloved continent of Africa for the freedoms you have abandoned in the name of friendship with a brutal thug known as Robert Mugabe.