Water Pipes For The Men In Gaza!

Perhaps, those supporting the Palestinian cause foolishly believed it was actions of Israelis that prevented the achievement of peace, but new evidence has come forth which accurately focuses the source of problems in the Middle East–women smoking water pipes in Public! Hamas has once again struck at women whose behavior is a cause for concern, and, in most cases, much more than that of Israel soldiers. Hamas in Gaza issued an edict regarding behavior of women in cafes. “It is inappropriate for a woman to sit cross-legged and smoke in public.” Not only do such actions destroy the goal of peace and defeat of Israel, it leads to husbands realizing they are married to a loose woman and they will seek a divorce. Actually, there is nothing in Muslim law preventing women from smoking a water pipe, at home or in public. Many middle class women in Gaza hit the water pipe when with friends and seeking to loosen up the mood. Hamas has previously forbidden women to ride on motor cycles since it claims that is forbidden.

I am confused, since there were no motor bikes in old days, how does anyone know which forms of modern transportation are or are not in accord with tradition? As Haya Ahmed, a 28 year-old accountant in Gaza notes: “Everything forbidden becomes desirable.”

I wonder if Hamas could declare peace with Israel is forbidden, hopefully, that goal will then become desirable.