Waterboarding Is Like Surfing Says Bush

George Bush is a nice man. He once was an alcoholic, he once ran around with young ladies, he once made certain the Vietnam War would not be part of his life, but, when it comes to being president of the United States, this fine young man leaves much to be desired–especially lack of knowledge. In his memoir, the former president insists waterboarding is a perfectly legal manner of persuading prisoners to talk. Forcing people to be subjected to simulation of being drowned is an every day affair in the fair state of Texas where he was governor. George does not understand why people get upset at waterboarding since they love going scuba diving or going under the water. Unfortunately, according to Bush he simply, due to NATIONAL SECURITY, can not reveal how many times this nation was saved from nuclear destruction because he allowed interrogators to clean up prisoners and wash their faces. From the Bush perspective the next thing he will be accused of is having something to do with the financial crisis. After all, he did leave this nation in a good financial situation.

I guess the next thing those damn LIBERAL SOCIALISTS will claim is that George Bush was wrong about the WMD. George knows there ARE WMD and they WILL be found despite the sabotage of liberals.