Ways Of Death–Iraqi Suicide Bomber

This writer is not a devout religious person and therefore admits to a lack of understanding how individuals can kill others on the basis of religious differences, particularly, when the object of death is someone of your basic religious faith and nationality. A female suicide bomber was thwarted in her attempt in Iraq to blow herself up and kill dozens of Shiite believers who were on their way to observe the martyrdom of one of their saints. Police arrested a suicide bomber who was getting ready to enter a procession near Baghdad as millions of Iraqi Shiites prepared for their procession. The Iraq government has sent over 30,000 troops to protect people engaged in religious activities.

Most probably these suicide attacks on Shiites are instigated by Sunni Iraqis who have yet to accept the reality that their centuries of dominance in Iraq are over. Perhaps, Sunni Iraqis believe that killing innocent men, women, and children will somehow advance their goal to get rid of the Shiite Iraqi government. All that results from such actions is hate and a resolve to give even less power to Sunnis.