We Ain’t Beat Say Tamil Tigers!

Your army has been destroyed, your top leaders have been killed, thousands of your supporters were allowed to be killed or wounded due to your fanatical belief that victory could be achieved, but, you still insist the war must go on and the killing must go on. Either Tamil Tiger supporters and remaining leaders enjoy living in fantasy or they have an abiding death wish. The rebel’s international relations chief, Selvarasa Pathmanathan told the world his group would continue fighting for a separate Tamil state. “The struggle of people of Tamil Eelam(the separate state desired by Tamil Tigers) has reached a new state. It is time for us to move forward with our political vision towards our freedom.” He is establishing a new government in exile for the Tamil Tigers.

Over a hundred fifty years ago, the Confederate States of America were defeated. Responsible leaders ended the vision of a separate state and engaged in politics which eventually resulted in obtaining many goals the South wanted. It is time for Tamil separatists to accept defeat, enter the political arena, and use their strength and intelligence to secure greater power for the Tamil people.